Follow Ivey as she endeavors on a journey of expansion of her creativity.  ABI CREATIVATION: Art and Innovation  is another offshoot venture of Art By Ivey in which she explores different facets of visual art.  She started this  project after being inspired by her brother's (also named Ivey) music.  This inspiration reminded her of how expansive creativity is.  ABI Creativation will feature different artistic perspectives and projects as Ivey allows her journey to organically evolve.  

"As many people know I started out a painter and I never in a million years would’ve imagined that I would be directing a music video but I think that just speaks to the nature of creativity as a whole. In order for me to get to the point where I was able to expand my ideas from painter to Creative Director and any other artistic niche that I have enjoyed, I had to first expand my perspective on what it means to be an artist.   What I learned is creativity is fluid; You can’t put it into a box. Art is and never was limited to a paintbrush and canvas. We can literally incorporate creativity into anything that we do.   

When I listened to my brother’s music his words immediately illustrated a picture for me.  Before long I had an entire music video planned out in my head.  I called him up one day and said, "Listen bro, we're shooting a music video and I'm your Creative Director." I had the video outline complete within 10 minutes of hearing the song.  That’s how we got here; and that's how ABI CREATIVATION was birthed.  Although music videos will be the first component of the CREATIVATION branch it most likely won't be the last.  As I explore the many avenues of my creative mind, I will be excited to expound upon my personal brand and share it with the world. I am an artist.  Thank you for watching."

"Testimony" Music Video

Artist: Ivey
Creative Director: Art By Ivey
Videographer: Hip Hops Itinerary (Rafael Medina)