Art by Ivey "Wedding Bells" Performance Art

Getting married?Art By Ivey creates live portraits to memorialize your special day. Keep scrollin'

 Getting married?  Art by Ivey creates live portraits to memorialize your special day right at the reception.

This is performance art.  The bride and groom are the subjects of the piece.  Your guests will be wowed with the "art station" where they can stop in periodically to check the progress of the painting while enjoying the festivities.  It is truly a crowd-pleaser that will be sure to leave an impression.  Payment plans are available!


What's Your Imagination?

 "The beauty of impressionism is that it doesn't have  to be exactly like the reference.  The reference is just a blueprint.  Impressionism in art allows me to recreate the image from an imaginative  perspective, while still preserving the elements of the original  features. 
Instead of the standard venue with tables and chairs in the background, I prefer to take a fun approach to capture the vision of the couple.  If you have a theme, let's expound upon it.  If your theme is winter wonderland, how about a dance in the snow?  Or, if your occasion is royal, take a seat on your throne.  
Don't get me wrong, I will recreate an exact image if it was  requested, but that's what photographs are for. I find it to be more fun this way, for everyone involved.
You really can live out your fantasies in art."


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Once Upon A Wedding Bell...


The wedding bells have a special significance as a signature of every Art By Ivey wedding portrait.  Centered at the top of every painting are two bells that can be customized to your preferences.  The bells list the date of your wedding in on one and the couple's surname on the other. Custom phrases are welcome as long as it fits! 

 Is your date available?  Email to inquire.

Your Canvas

These prices are applicable to New Orleans and surrounding areas. Artist is open to travel for additional fees. A non-refundable deposit of half of your price will be due upfront to secure your date. The balance will be due 3 days prior to your wedding to complete your booking. Art will be delivered to you after it is dried and sealed.

Understanding the Tiers- A Visual Reference

Each Tier is determined by canvas size. Pictured is a TIER 2 canvas.

The larger the canvas, the more visible the performance will be to your guests.

Tier 1 is 10" shorter in height and 6" smaller in width of the pictured canvas.  The artist is 5' foot 7" tall and the easel stands at 4' high.

Tier 3 is 8" taller in height and 6" wider than the pictured canvas.

Tier 2 Size: $700

Tier 2 Size: $700

Additional Services

Affiliated Service Providers

Are you looking for additional services and providers to meet your planning needs?  Browse affiliated providers below and receive 10% off of your purchase when you book with them simply by mentioning Art By Ivey in your consultation.  

In addition to wedding paintings, Art By Ivey offers custom second-line wedding umbrellas.  These are not your typical umbrellas- These are pieces of art that are hand-painted with images exclusive to you.  This includes portraits.  These umbrellas make for unique decorative display items in your home after your wedding and can be customized to match your decor.  

14" Umbrellas are $200 each
17.5" Umbrellas are $350 each

Requests for umbrellas must be submitted at least 2-weeks prior to wedding. Email to request.

17.5" Umbrella Featured

17.5" Umbrella Featured

The Planner

B. Sherrie Designs

B. Sherrie Luxury Designs is a boutique design and Coordination company based in New Orleans, Louisiana, specializing in jaw dropping event styling and flawless execution. No matter the occasion, style, or budget, our dedication to fine service is a crucial part of our success. From intimate timeless detailed weddings, to extravagant milestone celebrations, or even designing your first home, we create memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression on both you and your guest. B. Sherrie Desigsn set the highest standards and demand excellence from our extensive network of trusted event professionals, ensuring quality. By understanding it’s not our vision to begin with, we listen to your unique requirements, and will recommend the best matched suppliers to fulfil your desires and exceed expectations.  Our mission is to make your planning/design process stress-free, so you may enjoy the love and luxuries of your day.

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Contact Brittany: (504) 335-7011 or visit


The Baker


Heavenly Hostess is a New Orleans-based baker with over 30 years of experience and an eye for detail.  All of her cakes are made from scratch and personalized for every request. Call Pamela Dillon to request a quote and receive 10 percent off when you mention this advertisement.  View the photo gallery below to see her work. 

Pamela Dillon: (504) 289-6251




Rafael Medina is a New Orleans-based videographer who specializes in capturing imagery for all types of events and projects. He has over 10 years of experience and the technical expertise to capture your special moments in a fun-artistic way while adding a cinematic flare.  Click the video below to view a sample.  Photography services also offered. Mention this ad and receive 10% off of your booking.
Rafael Medina: (504) 339-7381

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